September 26, 2013

Take the Heresy Quiz!

(un)impress your friends
with this handy

Heresy Quiz!

How much of a heretic are you? Do you hew to all the basic tenets, or tend to play more on the fringe? Take ten minutes to answer some or all of these questions.

True or False
(Mark each blank ‘T’ for True, ‘F’ for False, ‘DK’ [Don’t Know] or ‘ID’ [It Depends])

1. God is distinctly one Person in three, and three in one.  ____

2. God is a measurable presence who looks, acts, and speaks like a person.  ____

3. Heaven is a real place.  ____

4. Hell isn’t real; it’s made up to make you behave.  ____

5. The Holy Spirit is a metaphor.  ____

6. There is nothing of truth beyond Christianity; Jesus’ saying that he was “the way, the truth and the life” should be patently obvious.  ____

Multiple Choice
(Circle all that apply)

1. What do you do with all the hard parts of the Bible – for example, Psalm 137:9 – “Happy shall he be who takes your little ones, and dashes them against the rock!”
      A. Ignore them
      B. Try to learn as much as possible about what circumstances helped shape them
      C. Pray for strength to live with, and understand, them
      D. Disagree with them when it seems necessary

2. How do you say the Nicene Creed?
      A. In full-throated unison and complete agreement
      B. As an act of praise, not a litmus-test
      C. Crossing my fingers during some parts
      D. Glad it binds me with other Christians

3. What is the greatest heresy within the Church today?
      A. Jesus is your boyfriend
      B. God will make you rich/healthy
      C. The Bible is all about positive mental attitude
      D. God is on our side

Short Answer

  1. What is the most important verse in all of Scripture and why?

  1. How do you respond to this familiar argument: “The God of the Old Testament is a mean old bully while the God of the New Testament is a loving companion.” 

(Provide a succinct definition for as many of the following terms as you can)

  1. Sin:

  1. Salvation:

  1. Baptism:

  1. Angels:

  1. Grace:

  1. Anglicanism:

  1. Worship:
 How could Jesus be both fully human and fully divine?
(Hint: “He’s just that awesome” is not an acceptable answer.)

Extra Credit
Why do bad things happen to good people?

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