September 25, 2014

Church better hear this:

"From a business standpoint, no other organization (short of a monopoly) has the luxury of indifference to the effectiveness (ineffectiveness) of its practices. When churches plead for exemption from this accountability, they not only sentence themselves to stagnation and mailaise but they also separate themselves from the daily experiences of their parishioners, who must live in a world where impact matters. When leaders object with statements like, 'I won't have my church turned into a Walmart,' they are missing the fact that the church should be at least as good as any commercial enterprise in fulfilling its mission. In fact, it should be better. No organization in the world should outperform the church in offering to its people a sense of belonging, purpose, and meaning. This is a call to our birthright."

J. Russell Crabtree, Owl Sight

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