Who are you, anyway?
Ordained in The Episcopal Church in 2004 and in full-time ministry ever since. Husband and father. Located in northeast Kansas.

I used to say that I was deeply concerned about the future of The Episcopal Church, but worry will just kill you. Now I say I've moved on to solutions. I'm no longer in the anxiety-management business.

In thought, word, and deed, I strive to embody and speak to what it means to be a Jesus-follower. All the time. This is hard. I mess up a lot. Thank God there's confession and fellowship among the saints.

I used to maintain a blog called Pie Ministry. Here's the first thing I ever wrote over here, though.

What is all this?
Sermons, newsletter articles, poems, rants, and general miscellany. Let's say, Notions. Some of it repurposed, some native to this blog. It's a box of chocolates.

What's your point?
Upheaval comes standard these days. Change brings chaos.

Those of us charged with working within institutions have a heady charge: to find suitable containers for what's left, and to make transitions as needed. Not to change for change's sake, but to be smart about the future.

We all need a lifeboat. But in those few precious, prayer-filled moments in which we are filling our lifeboats, we need to ask what precisely needs to come with us and what can stay. In other words, when you shake Christianity down to its core, what's left? What can you absolutely not live without? That's what goes in the lifeboat. Everything else stays.

This blog is the public and ongoing storyboard of that process.

Photo of Cromer Lifeboat Station on home page by Gary S. Crutchley

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